We Take it Personally
July 26, 2021

Understanding your overall risk of breast disease is essential. Each of us has a unique personal and family history that determines our chances for developing breast cancer. That’s why we calculate your risk level each year as part of your mammography appointment. 

Breast cancer risk assessment is very important for identifying women who may benefit from more intensive breast cancer surveillance.  We calculate your risk with a simple yet valuable survey that collects your health history as well as your family’s. The results are used to calculate your personal risk for developing breast cancer in the future. 


You will informed of your risk level during your appointment and this will be included in your mammography report that is sent your provider. The results will reflect your lifetime risk for breast cancer as a percentage, and also will place you into a risk category:  average, intermediate, high risk. 

This can help guide next steps in your health care. If you are high risk, you may benefit from genetic counseling, additional breast cancer screening tests, and counseling for lifestyle and hormone blocking medicines. Surgical considerations may also be addressed in certain patients.  We have a High Risk clinic as well, that can provide more information and help develop a personalized plan for you.  

Let’s Talk About Risk

All women are at risk for breast disease, including breast cancer. In fact, 12 percent will be diagnosed over the course of their lifetime. That’s 1 in 8 women, which is why a yearly mammogram is  is recommended when you turn 40.

This yearly screening is without doubt the most effective tool available in giving you lifesaving information about your breast health today. Our goal is diagnose those cancers early, before you can feel it. Also keep in mind, most women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of it!  Just being a woman is our biggest risk factor. So take control  of your risk and get your regular screening mammogram. Call CMI now for an appointment. You don’t even need an order from your provider.  

It’s a Matter of Give and Take  

Make your health a priority. Give us 30 minutes to have your yearly mammogram and take comfort knowing you have done the best you can for your overall well-being.