Venous Insufficiency Symptoms and What to Do About Them
September 5, 2018

Venous insufficiency means that the veins are inadequately sending blood back to the heart from the extremities, most commonly seen in the legs. The valves in the veins do not close properly in patients suffering from venous insufficiency. When blood gets stuck and pools in the veins, not only can it present issues cosmetically like spider veins and varicose veins but it can also lead to more serious conditions.

Venous Insufficiency

Over 20% of adults between the age of 40 and 80 suffer from venous insufficiency. Often caused by blood clots or deep vein thrombosis, this vein disorder causes swelling and pain in the legs. In more serious cases venous insufficiency can lead to open ulcers in the legs that do not heal without addressing the underlying venous problem.


If you experience significant swelling in the lower legs or ankles you may be suffering from venous insufficiency. Swollen veins can also be quite painful, and your skin may itch or look leathery. Venous insufficiency also causes your veins to be visible under the dermis, known as spider or varicose veins.


You are at higher risk for this disorder if you have a family history of vein conditions, history of DVT, or spend a large quantity of time standing either at home or while at work. Women are more likely than men to see issues with their veins. Venous insufficiency is commonly seen in women who are pregnant or have been pregnant more than once.


Mild cases of venous insufficiency can be managed with compression socks to help get the blood in the legs moving again. For more serious cases, non-invasive treatments performed by interventional radiologists are available. Sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation, and ambulatory microphlebectomy are several of the treatments that are frequently performed at CORA.

Venous Insufficiency | CORA

The vascular and interventional radiologists at CORA are specialty-trained to diagnose and manage the full spectrum of venous disorders. The doctors at our new vein clinic specialize in non-invasive treatments for venous insufficiency. Call our office today to set up a consultation with one of our expert interventional radiologists. Whether the issue is causing you pain every day or if it is only cosmetic, we are here to help.