Screening Services

We perform a wide array of exams to screen for diseases before you may even have any symptoms. This includes DEXA, abdominal aortic ultrasound, virtual colonography, coronary artery calcium scoring, lung cancer screening CT, vascular disease screening exams like arterial ultrasound and ankle brachial index exams.

Whether a one-time assessment or part of an annual routine, our screening services and radiologists at CORA can evaluate the presence of abnormalities. Screening exams can detect the presence of many common forms of cancer and disease in their early stages so that a patient and doctors can take the necessary steps for early intervention.

Our team of certified professionals is here to help you understand more about screening services in Bend, Oregon. To learn more about the benefits and risks of different screening services, how to prepare, and more, please call our office.


  • 3D Digital Screening Mammography
  • Cardiac Calcium Scoring
  • Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening (LDCT)
  • Virtual Colonoscopy Screening
  • DXA Scans

About Screening Services

The goal of a screening exam is to rule out or uncover a disease at an early stage so that it can be successfully treated by you and your doctor. CORA offers a wide array of screening exams using mammography, ultrasound, CT scanning, and more.




American College of Radiology – Computed Tomography Accredited Facility



American College of Radiology – Mammography Accredited Facility



American College of Radiology – Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

Preparing for Your Screening Procedure

Schedule screenings through your physician or call us directly at (541) 382-9383 or 1-888-382-9383 to learn more.