Prenatal Ultrasound: What You Need to Know
June 5, 2019

Prenatal ultrasound imaging uses safe, high-frequency sound waves to produce images of a developing baby. These images help our doctors look at your baby’s growth and anatomy. Ultrasound images can also help determine if any problems exist.

Central Oregon Radiology Associates (CORA) uses state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment to perform imaging scans during each trimester of pregnancy.

Common reasons for ultrasounds include:

First trimester:

  • Determine the baby’s gestational age
  • Confirm the number of babies and their location
  • Part of screening for fetal health
  • Evaluating for uterus or cervix abnormalities

Second trimester:

  • Evaluate fetal anatomy
  • Answers to a specific medical question
  • Check the baby’s growth
  • Check the amniotic fluid level
  • Check placental location

Third trimester:

  • Investigate complications
  • Track the amniotic fluid level
  • Determine fetal position before delivery

How should I prepare for my prenatal ultrasound?

There is little preparation needed before prenatal ultrasound imaging begins. Specialists perform fetal ultrasounds either through the vagina (transvaginal) or over the abdomen (transabdominal). Because of this, we ask you to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing. We will provide instructions before the ultrasound scan so you will know what to expect.


Our specialized doctors and highly-trained ultrasound technologists have years of experience in women’s imaging, including prenatal ultrasound. The team at CORA is passionate and committed to women’s health excellence in patient care.

We use advanced imaging technology, including 3D ultrasounds, to generate images of the baby and evaluate the baby’s health. We work with your obstetrician to help keep you healthy.

When you choose CORA for your diagnostic imaging and radiology services, you’re choosing a team committed to the highest standard of care. Since 1947, we have never wavered from our mission – a strong commitment to excellence in patient care and outcomes. We put you at the center of all we do.  

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