CORA Is Committed To Providing Essential Preventative Imaging During COVID-19

Much has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Yet some things remain the same, like our commitment to our patients, our community and one another.

We are still open for all your imaging needs, just with more time between each exam for your safety. To schedule or reschedule an imaging study, please call us at 541-382-9383. As always, we’re focused on your health and well-being.

Our safety measures

At CORA, providing safe and high-quality care is our top priority. We are regularly updating our practices to comply with guidelines issued by State and Federal agencies. These include recommendations put forth by the American College of Radiology (ACR). For your safety, and the safety of our medical teams, we are going above and beyond to carry out the following strict sanitary measures:

Mask Policy

Under the newest guidelines provided by the Oregon Health Authority, CORA is considered a “healthcare facility”. We require all persons who enter the building to a mask regardless of vaccination status. In addition, we will ask you to use a clinic issued mask during your time in our facilities. Learn more about Oregon’s face covering guidance: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/le2288k.pdf

Equipment & Staff

Our staff is instructed to follow procedures for use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Currently, staff members who interact with patients are wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, and having their temperatures checked daily. We have also built time into our schedule to allow staff to make sure our equipment—including mammography machines—is thoroughly sanitized between each appointment.


We are taking extra care to sanitize and clean all surfaces in our registration areas, including our touchpads and styluses. When you visit our waiting room next, you’ll likely notice that we have removed all high touch items, such as magazines, coffee and water service, comment cards, and brochures.

Social distancing

We have redesigned our waiting rooms to practice responsible social distancing. All seating areas are at least 6 ft apart. Staff members are encouraged to keep at least 6 ft between each other and patients when possible. We’ve also staggered our exam times, which allows for additional cleaning time between each patient.


Only essential visitors are allowed in the building with patients at this time. This includes caregivers and guardians. By limiting the number of people in the building, we’re limiting the risk of infection for patients and staff. This additionally preserves necessary sanitary equipment, including PPE.

Additional Screening

As an additional precaution, we’re asking each of our patients screening questions the day prior to their scan, as well as the day of their scan. If a patient has recently traveled, or has had a fever or cough in the recent past, we will either issue PPE as available, reschedule the exam, or redirect care to a hospital facility that is better equipped for screening.

Get the care you need.

At CORA we strive to provide excellent care, and we care deeply about your wellbeing. We’re just as committed to meeting your everyday needs as we’ve always been, and assure you we will be here for you. Together we will get through this.

Call us to schedule your exam at the location nearest you!