What is a CT Scan | Cora Quick Facts
June 6, 2018

A CT scan is a common medical imaging examination that your doctor may request to help make a diagnosis or evaluation your medical condition. However, many patients don’t know what to expect for the exam. At CORA, we believe you should be as informed as possible before you even walk through the door so you can feel at ease. As such, our team is here to answer your questions about CT scans in Oregon.

What is a CT Scan?

CT stands for Computed Tomography, which is highly sophisticated x-ray equipment and computer processing that generates high-resolution images of your body. CT imaging can show several types of tissue in great detail, including lung, bone, soft tissue and blood vessels. It can be used to identify injuries and disease as well as to rule out illness or other medical conditions.

Our doctors will evaluate these images and typically provide a report to your doctor the same day as the exam. Our radiologists are experts in imaging and can help your doctor diagnose a variety of pathologies including injuries, infections, musculoskeletal problems, appendicitis, heart disease, and cancer.

Will a CT Scan Increase my Risk of Cancer?

As with other X-ray imaging tests, CT scans expose you briefly to small, targeted amounts of ionizing radiation to create an image of structures inside the body.

Some people worry about getting cancer from a CT scan due to radiation, but this notion has not been proven. These concerns stem from studies of nuclear bomb survivors exposed to extremely high doses of radiation. However, these exposure risks have not been found in the low doses we use in medical imaging today. That being said, we make it our priority to minimize your exposure to radiation using the latest ‘dose-lowering techniques’ during your exam. Our goal is to provide you and your doctor with answers you need about your health.

What Happens During the Exam?

We perform CT exams in many different parts of the body. It is a quick and entirely painless procedure.

During the exam, you’ll lie down on a table, which will briefly pass through a doughnut-shaped CT machine. This allows us to quickly obtain our images, typically taking less than 1 minute. However, plan to be in the department closer to 10-30 minutes, as you may need to change into a gown for the exam.

CORA and CMI | CT Scans in Oregon

Not all CT scans are created equal. Cascade Medical Imaging (CMI) features a state-of-the-art 64-slice CT scanner for early detection of disease. The information gained from this CT scan is essential for devising a comprehensive preventative plan to help minimize a patient’s health risks and maximize their health. You can schedule CT scans in Oregon at CORA through your physician or call us directly at 541-382-9383.