CORA Opens New Medical Imaging Facility on Bend’s South Side
September 11, 2017

The staff and doctors at Central Oregon Radiology Associates P.C. (CORA) are excited to announce the opening of our new medical imaging facility on Bend’s south side. Our new state-of-the-art facility on the south side is located off 3rd Street, across from Bend’s outlet mall.

State-of-the-Art Technology with a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Our newly constructed imaging center is designed to enhance patient comfort while offering the most advanced imaging technology available in the field of radiology. This location offers spacious design and a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere with features supporting MRI, advanced CT, x-ray, ultrasound, and 3D mammography.


The MRI lighting selected for diagnostic environments can have a big impact on a patient’s experience during his or her medical exam. For instance, while daylight offers significant emotional benefits to patients, it’s often overlooked since inward-facing planning is typically an unavoidable part of building design.


Our MRI exam rooms are equipped with MRI lighting by Sky Factory to restore the spatial component of natural daylight during a scan with new technology. This is a powerful therapeutic element that brings comfort and serenity to scanning sessions by reconnecting patients as well as staff with a view of nature and open skies. Our lighting increases patient relaxation, reduces anxiety and claustrophobia, generates higher patient satisfaction scores, and raises staff wellness and productivity.

Why Bend’s South Side

At CORA, we are always striving to expand our services in Central and Eastern Oregon so that we can care for those in need of radiology services from ultrasounds to x-rays. With convenient parking, quick patient turnaround, and top-notch radiology interpretations provided by our doctors, our new south side location will help us provide outstanding care to our community.


Our goal is to support the growing need for medical imaging for all Bendites as the population of our city continues to grow.


Our new location on Bend’s south side is just off Hwy 97 across from the Bend Factory Stores on the corner of 3rd and Badger. It is north of Walmart and right next door to St. Charles Family Care Bend South.


Curious about what else our new facility has to offer? Give us a call or swing by to see our Bend’s south side location with your own eyes. For more information, please visit Cascade Medical Imaging.