CORA Partners with St. Charles Cancer Center to Provide Low-Dose CT Lung Screenings
December 22, 2020

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States, but if diagnosed early it is much easier to treat. Low-dose CT (LDCT) is the only recommended screening test for lung cancer. It is one of the most effective cancer screenings, with one life saved for every 320 screened.

Pulmonary Nodule Clinic

In the past, there has been no process in place to ensure a patient followed up on a pulmonary nodule discovered while they received acute care. The Pulmonary Nodule Clinic addresses this gap by using Central Oregon Radiology Associates software to identify imaging reports that note a nodule of concern and to add a note that the patient is eligible for referral to the clinic by telephone call or via Epic, the health system’s electronic health record.

Who should be screened?

People who are at increased risk for developing lung cancer:

  • Age 55 to 74
  • Current smoker or quit less than 15 years ago
  • 30 or greater pack year history

(pack year = number of packs a day X number of years)

Read the full press release here, contact St. Charles for more information, or call 541-706-6729.