CORA is a physician group serving multiple state-of-the-art outpatient imaging centers and hospitals within Central and Eastern Oregon since 1947. We are staffed with 22 physicians and over 160 professionally trained team members to serve all of your imaging and minimally invasive procedural needs. Our physicians are specialty trained Board Certified radiologists dedicated to providing the highest level of care. The CORA team is composed of bright and friendly staff members who are experienced, compassionate, and certified health professionals committed to serving our patients and medical community.


CORA, in partnership with Cascade Medical Imaging, LLC (CMI) and Central Oregon Magnetic Resonance Imaging (COMRI), is a diagnostic imaging corporation providing professional services to Central and Eastern Oregon.




Your health in focus

CORA provides high-quality diagnostic imaging services bringing MRI, CT scans, ultrasound and mammography closer to you. Our doctors, technologists, and staff are dedicated to the education and care of our patients. We offer same-day appointments to serve your needs.

"We travel from Klamath Falls. You are always so helpful to coordinate with my other doctors so we don’t have to make multiple trips. Thank you so much! Everyone is so friendly and helpful."

"In 2015, following a mammogram with abnormal imaging results, I was scheduled for a complete reimaging with Amber, as well as the possibility of a follow-up ultrasound. Amber’s professional, personal connection was reassuring, and I was so relieved when she found me in the waiting room with results that were normal and news that no ultrasound was needed."

"Your staff are the absolute best! I felt I was treated in the best way and the fact that I’m ultra modest was respected. My experience far exceeded (in a positive way) what I anticipated."

"All staff were helpful and efficient, and seemed to genuinely care about the clients. I appreciated having to wait only a brief time before being administered the procedure(s). Thank you."

"I use the Redmond office and have always found the staff to be courteous and professional. The facility is always clean and well staffed."

"I was frightened to have an MRI because I am claustrophobic. It ended up being, actually, a pleasant experience! The staff on all levels was friendly, knowledgeable, comforting and professional. The machine itself was much better than I expected too. It was big and white (not dark and black). The room was white, clean and cheerful. They gave me a warm blanket! The bed I was on was also warm! The pillow was comfy. The machine made a lot of loud noises, but I expected that, and, so what? It lasted a shorter amount of time than I thought it would too. All-in-all, I am really impressed with CORA! Thanks CORA!"

"My experience at CORA has always been welcoming and comfortable. The reception and procedure staffs are all courteous, comforting and competent. Great job CORA!"

"All phases of my experience with your group was top notch. I knew I was in caring, knowledgeable hands. Thank you!"

"I feel everyone at CORA truly cares about my health."

"Cora at the front desk was very friendly and helpful."

"Great people. Pleasant experience. Nicely done!"

“I am slightly claustrophobic, and so I was frightened about having another MRI done. (I’ve had a few done in my life – elsewhere – a long time ago). However, I can honestly say, this time, it was a good experience. The machine itself was “the biggest in Central Oregon” they told me – and it was nice and big It was bright white, and the room was white, and big, and cheery. The technicians were very nice and professional. The bed was warm and comfortable. They gave me a warm blanket (!) and a comfortable pillow. It only lasted 20 minutes instead of the 40 minutes I was expecting. They talked to me while I was in there and gave me a panic button to press if I had to get out of there. I recommend CORA to anybody!!!”


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Established in 1947, CORA has grown to be the premier medical imaging company in Central Oregon.